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 It may seem like a clear-cut decision,   but there are a lot of things to   consider ... 

Medical Abortions

Up to 9 weeks, LMP


The abortion pill is the most common medical abortion.  The differing types all require the introduction of chemicals into the body that cause the death of the embryo.  Further chemicals are introduced that cause the expelling of the baby.  Some side effects are abdominal pain, severe cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches.  Risks include a failed abortion, hemorrhaging, mouth ulcers, and birth defects in pregnancies that continue.

Surgical Abortions

1st, 2nd, & 3rd Trimesters


Surgical abortions are much more invasive than medical.  Through various instruments, the cervix is dialated enough that the fetus (Latin for "young one") can be extracted from the uterus.  Local anethesia is generally used to dull the pain of the procedure and post-abortion cramping.  Some risks include bleeding, infection, organ damage, incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, and embolism.

You've taken a pregnancy test and the results are not quite what you wanted to see.  You begin to think, "I'm not ready for this.  I can't be a parent.  I have dreams and ambitions.  Besides, the daddy won't want to stay with me if I'm pregnant..."  We understand the questions and concerns you have.  Some of our staff have even asked themselves these same questions. But what do you really know about abortions?

                               Medical    vs.   Surgical

Failure Rate                Higher                   Lower


Time to                       Longer                  Shorter



Need for                    Unlikely                 Common



Bleeding                  Heavier &                Shorter



Requires                   Unlikely                    Yes



Long-term                 Largely                    Yes

Complications         Unknown


Provider                        No                        Yes

Present for



Before you make your final decision, we want you to understand that you have time.  We would love to talk with you about all of your options.  Would you consider making an appointment with us?
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