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I Have No Words. Do You Have Words?

Have you ever been so angry and mad that you just don't have the words? Have you ever been so taken aback by errant views but you just don't know what you can say that will change them? That's me...right now! Let me share with you my thoughts and maybe you will understand.

Bare with me as I play devil's advocate for a little while...

It all started with Brittany Maynard. An advocate for death with dignity. To read her struggles from her own perspective, to understand her reasoning for death with dignity, makes it sound like a well-founded, logical choice. A choice that she has the right to have. But did you catch the part in her story that said that she "met the requirements"?

Because death with dignity is apparently difference from doctor-assisted-suicide... It was a choice she made as a mentally competent patient. It was an option she fought for, as evidenced by her move from Cali to Oregon, among many other hardships. It was a choice that ended her life on her terms rather than allowing her to deteriorate until her body gave out.

And it would be fine if it had stopped there, with the death with dignity requirements: "mentally competent, terminally ill patients with a prognosis of six months or less to live." But it hasn't. As mentioned on her website, The Brittany Maynard Fund, her fight for death with dignity touched the lives of people from every state, many who have now become advocates for doctor-assisted-suicide.

It seems as if it's opened an entirely different door than the one intended. And isn't that how all sinful endeavors start out?? Yes, today, we're hearing more and more about elderly patients being offered the "choice" of doctor-assisted-suicide. Rather than offer life-saving or life-sustaining treatments, the "choice" for suicide is now being offered as an alternative because it's cheaper.

In this story, one instance that really got my goat was of the 91-year-old woman who was offered the "choice" because she was recovering from a broken wrist, never mind the fact that she was in excellent health otherwise! You see, in the two years since Brittany Maynard's death, the fight has moved beyond death with dignity to include doctor-assisted-suicide for anyone for whom it is viewed too burdensome to treat or care. (I don't know about you, but if I were to ever decide that suicide was the way to go - which I'm not! - I definitely wouldn't need a doctor's prescription to do it!)

So we come to another story that shows the complete loss of the respect of human life, this time at the inception of life. This particular "doctor" reminds me of Kermit Gosnell, prosecuted and found guilty on three of four charges of murder of babies born in his clinic. He was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the death of one of his patients. Click here to read a report from The Washington Post, detailing (not gruesomely) his story.

This other abortionist, one Ulrich Klopfer, has recently been found guilty of several charges, which resulted in disciplinary action. His license was suspended for six months. I'm sorry, but after reading of the charges brought against him and the complaints against his clinic, six months' license suspension just doesn't do it for me.

But, honestly, it doesn't surprise me. What with the end-of-life arguments and the abortion advocacy, I'm surprised that he's even been brought to trial and convicted. But, then I remember that we run on paperwork and taxes.

We don't particularly care that thousands of babies' lives have been brutally ended before they were allowed to begin. We don't particularly care that the elderly are being shuffled around and as good as forced to choose doctor-assisted-suicide. What we care about is cutting expenses and saving money. But we don't want to cut our own expenses! No, we want to take away from those who really need help. So we indoctrinate society to believe that unlimited, free abortions and doctor-assisted-suicide are noble and self-less choices, meant to end suffering and better the society's life.

I have no words. This angers me to no end. And I don't think I'll ever get over being angry about this. Jesus said that children are special. God gave specific laws meant to protect the elderly. By embracing unlimited, free abortions and doctor-assisted-suicide, we spit in the face of our Creator God. The One who made us into image-bearers, meant to spread His light to the world. But instead, we ignore people like Kermit Gosnell and Ulrich Klopfer and celebrate people like Brittany Maynard.

Do you have words?

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