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Email Updates ????

With the advent of this new-fangled thing called technology, we would like to keep you all updated using said new-fangled technology! Enter: Monthly Email Newsletter!

This is something that we've been wanting to get started on, but haven't actually followed through with it. But now, we're determined! We want sign up to receive our short monthly updates via your email account.

There are various reasons we are excited for emailing a newsletter, but we'll share just a few!

1. You can add media. By sending out a digital newsletter, we can insert links to other articles, add pictures or videos to the newsletter, and various other media outlets. Obviously, this is not available with printed newsletters.

2. It's more economical. Quite honestly, printed newsletters (and the postage to go with them) gets to be a bit pricey, and for a non-profit, that can be a hard pill to swallow. But, we still need to keep our supporters up-to-date with what's happening. So, by going digital, we can save a bundle (you know, kinda like the Progressive commercials!) and still get everyone the updates they want!

3. More opportunities. By sending out a smaller update each month, we have more opportunities to talk about different things throughout the year. Were we to pack it all into 4 quarterly newsletters, it would just about be in book format, and no one would want to read it! After all, newsletters are supposed to be a quick read, yes?!

There are many other reasons we are excited about going digital, but we also want to impress on you this: we are not foregoing the printed version completely. While we live in the digital age and millennials are seemingly taking over the world, we realize that there are still a good number of you out there that appreciate holding reading material in your hands.

If you would like to be included in our monthly updates, please click here to sign up! We are very excited about this new step and hope that you will be too!

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