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Settling In!!

It's July 13, and we're starting to feel at home in our new building!

The past month has been quite a blur with moving from our location of 22 years to our new building on Crescent Street. Although we're still unpacking and organizing our rooms, we are so excited to be here and open to serving our community!

While we are not quite ready for an Open House, I'd like to share some pictures of how things are progressing with the Center!

Our Baby Boutique is smaller in this new building than the last, but as many women could attest to, sometimes a smaller closet is good because it forces you to rotate your clothes and clean out more frequently what you don't use! This is the way we're approaching our small Boutique! Of course, we still have our Overflow Room that houses the extra or large items that we don't want or won't fit into the Boutique at the present.

Jan has the Ultrasound Room ready and operating! Since we opened to clients June 20, she's been busy scanning, showing clients their unborn babies. This is always a special room because it is in this room we can show what life really looks like and how important it is. Whenever we have special prayer times, this is one room that I always ask special prayer and protection for. This is the room in which the devil and his minions will seek to reach our clients, to confuse their thoughts and convince them to choose abortion. As you pray, would you pray for this room, it's purpose and those who would benefit from it's purpose?

In our old building, the public bathrooms and client bathrooms were in the same location. We are excited to have separate public and client bathrooms in our new building! It's just a small little nook, but in this little alcove, we have the privacy needed to talk with them about sensitive things. No kids running up and down the hallway, no one else coming back to use the bathroom while we work. Just peace and quiet as we continue on with our business!

Just like in the old building, we have three Client Rooms, used for mentoring and for EWYL (Earn While You Learn). These rooms are always important during prayer walks, as well, because inside these rooms we share the gospel. We talk about hard things and ask not-fun questions that need to be asked. We share God's plan and intention for their lives (the one where we are to glorify God and enjoy Him forever, and how that looks in our relationships...). We listen to their stories, and we pray with them. In some ways, these rooms are equally as important as the Ultrasound Room. So, as you're praying for the Ultrasound Room, would you also pray similar things for the Client Rooms?

You might ask, "How did they accomplish the "no kids running up and down the hallway" feat?! Well, we did it by adding a new room: the Kid's Play Room! And we have consistently said that this has been one of the best additions to our Center. Dianne worked very hard gathering toys and decorations for the Play Room, not to mention how excited she was! It's free to all kids of any age, to play in there as long as their mom is busy with us. In remembering the last few weeks, I believe only one or two children accompanied their mother into the Client Rooms. The vast majority of the kiddos have immediately gravitated to this room and kept themselves entertained the entire length of their visit.

Our waiting area and Client Advocate area have also been wonderful. With a nice big window to see into the waiting area, our Client Advocates can see who comes in, where they are, who came with them. They also don't feel as if their hidden from view, either. Openness is a good thing!

There are other rooms that we are excited about, but those are not ready for sharing quite yet! As we continue to settle in and organize our Center, please continue to pray for us. Regular business must continue as we try to finish settling in. Banquet-planning season is in full swing, as well as thinking on the beginning of school. We definitely have our work cut out for us in the coming weeks and months, and would greatly appreciate your prayers! And don't worry: as soon as we settle on a date for an Open House, we'll let you know so that you can make plans to come tour our new building!

Until then...!

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