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Contemplation of Life

I have had the unique privilege to serve on the Board of Directors since 1994. I can still remember the day I received a phone call about serving as a Director. I was new to Andalusia then....

I have been pro-life my entire adult life. I don't know when I made that choice, but I have always understood that life is precious. Recently there has been much said about how life matters. If you have a proper understanding about God as Creator, then you must conclude that life is valuable.

I firmly believe that God is pro-life because He creates life. There are over 7 billion people living on Earth. Think how every single person in uniquely designed by God. Every person is distinct and has their own set of prints. How can billions and billions of people be so similar, yet so different?

This can be answered by one word: God. He is the master Creator. I believe all life is precious to Him. He sent the Word from heaven to become flesh that everyone could be redeemed and restored. That is how precious every person is to God.

For some reason, people do not value life as much as God does. Just look at Genesis 4:8: Cain attacked Abel and killed him. With this act, the devaluing of life began. Through all the generations, there has been a continued devaluing of life seen through murder, war dead, suicide, and accidents.

Consider, now, the reason for a place such as Sav-A-Life: to assist women, mainly young, who are pregnant in understanding how precious the life is that God has given her. If she will seek our help, we will give her guidance in making good choices for herself and her baby.

We will give her guidance not only during her pregnancy but will continue to help her after she has delivered. The ministry of Sav-A-Life goes further by providing an education program to help young people make better decisions about the value of life.

I believe God has a plan that would solve this problem of the devaluing of life: one man and one woman united together in marriage. In the process of their marriage, they have a baby. They seek God's direction and instruction to bring their child up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

God has given us His plan. If we will follow His plan, we will experience all the blessings God wants to give us.

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