Limited Obstetric Ultrasound
Jan Gager

When ultrasound was first developed, some 20 to 30 years ago, it was mainly limited to high risk pregnancies which meant it was a mystery to most expectant mothers what was really happening in the womb. “When did my baby start looking like a baby? When did the fingers develop? When did my baby start moving and jumping around?   Am I having a girl or boy?” These questions were never answered until her baby was born. Today, through ultrasound, we can see life in the womb, and that life really does start at conception. Approximately three weeks after conception we can even detect a heartbeat!


At Sav-A-Life, we use ultrasound to show life. Our clients are scheduled for one ultrasound after their initial visit for a pregnancy test.  Although we are able to scan up to 28 weeks for clients further along in their pregnancy, we typically scan clients between their 8th and 9th week of pregnancy.  Our clients get to see their baby in a relaxed atmosphere and are welcome to bring the father of the baby with them. They are given time to look at their baby, see the heart beating, and get an estimated age and due date for their child.


Our goal at Sav-A-Life is to show that there is a fetus, “little one,” living in the mother’s womb. Ultrasound is used to teach our clients that there is a form, a beating heart, but most importantly - that there is life. The myth that “it’s just a blob of tissue” is no longer a myth but is totally untrue.

Jail Women's Ministry
Linda Finlin

Life incarcerated can be very difficult, but it can also be a blessing.  We have seen untold numbers of ladies' lives changed through the weekly Covington County Jail Ministry.  Since 2003, we have been honored to be allowed to pour into these ladies' lives, covering many different subjects that will help them break addictions and find a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


Mrs. Linda Finlin goes each week, along with Robin Fleming, Michelle Jones, and Tammy Capps, to teach about God's love for each of them - no matter what they have done in the past.  Peace, joy, hope and purpose can be theirs when they put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.


Not every county allows ministries like ours to teach their inmates in such an intimate way, so we are very thankful and grateful to our sherriff and his staff for allowing us this great privilege each week.


Limited Obstetric Ultrasound, Abstinence, Covington County Jail Ministry, Abortion-Recovery/Miscarriage Bible Study

Ways to Help

Volunteer, Baby Bottle Drive, Booties, Prayer Chain, Prayer Walking

We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit ministry with the mission to reach as many families in our community as possible.  All this takes money.  As we receive no federal funding, we are completely reliant on God's faithful provision.  Would you consider being one of those faithful providers?  You would have the opportunity to know that your precious dollars are helping maintain a building, staff, and resources dedicated to "Sharing Jesus to Save Lives."

Abstinence Program

Our abstinence program is based on a curriculum called "Choosing the Best."  We are available to schools, church groups (youth and parent groups), and community groups.  In the past we have focused on getting into classrooms in Covington County, both city and county schools.  In the last few years we have formed new relationships outside of the schools that allow us to teach the curriculum.


We feel like "Choosing the Best" offers the most variety of teaching options as well as most up to date facts, relatable stories and stays true to abstinence being the best option for students emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  We have curriculum for middle school and high school students.  We also have resources for parents to talk to their students about sex.


In the last year we have formed a relationship with Crossover Ministries in Opp, teaching the ladies about relationships before they transition back into society.  We also taught Bible classes at Camp Victory last summer.  We are very excited for the various different opportunities God is providing for us to teach about abstinence and sexual purity in our community.


If you have questions or would like to host a session, please feel free to Contact Us.

Abortion Recovery/Miscarriage Bible Study

 Although we don't hear about it very much in our community, abortion is a very real concern in Covington County.  Chances are that you know at least one person in your sphere of influence that is post-abortive, whether they be male or female.  While Sav-A-Life is very outspoken about the value of human life from the moment of conception, we also recognize that some men and women have chosen abortion in their past.  And we are here to help them in their journey of recovery.


Some men and women didn't choose abortion.  Instead they expereiced a miscarriage.  This event can be as traumatic and hard to heal from as an abortion.


For these reasons, and many more, that is why we offer an abortion recovery or miscarriage Bible study.  Healing for something this devastating can only come through the Lord, and it is in His Word that we find the medice to heal the wounds.


If you or someone you know is interested in learning ways to cope and heal, the most important thing is to pray for the Holy Spirit's guidance in this matter.  Contact us with your questions or graciously and compassionately suggest your friend call us.


It would be our joy and pleasure to help you find the healing that you so desperately want and need!