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The entire month of January we  celebrated the  Sanctity of Human Life.  Sav-A-Life was joined at the courthouse with pastors, advocates, board members and others in the community to pray for the born and unborn. As I reflect back on the moment, I am thinking what a blessing it is to  know that so many people in this community and surrounding communities
value life. Even though Roe vs. Wade was a great victory for God's people, our work is not done. We have much to do. As we are reaching tougher times in our world we have to be there for these mothers and precious babies. We have to educate our young ones on the value of life and when life begins. If you would like to come and pray or bring your youth group through the center, just give the center a call and we can set up a time and day. It is truly an honor to stand with you and fight the good fight!!!

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